GybeSet Homes
is a real estate acquisition and management company with a growing portfolio of high-quality, residential properties.

Our company’s unique name, GybeSet (pronounced “jibe set”), is inspired by a challenging sailing maneuver called a “gybeset” (alternatively spelled “jibeset”) that is strategically used in sailboat racing because it can provide a distinct competitive advantage against other boats in the fleet. Just as advanced skills are required for successful execution of a gybeset, GybeSet Homes brings experience-based skills to its business operations.

GybeSet Homes offers expertise in the following areas:
  • Real estate brokerage
  • Property management
  • Mortgage and real estate financing
  • Property value assessment
  • Home restoration and remodeling
  • Interior design & staging

GybeSet Homes is a registered trade name of GybeSet Investments, LLC which operates as a Maryland limited liability company.  Gybeset Homes is a licensed real estate brokerage and a fully licensed/insured Maryland Home Improvement contracting company.